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Renzo: House of Shawarma

Hey guys, remember when we all read Plenty and Zahav and were like, holy shit, has hummus always been this good? Harken back to those days with us this upcoming Monday because we, too, want an excuse to slather tahini and za'atar and zhug on everything again with no regard for cultural boundaries. 

Dinner service starts at 6pm and will feature a still-to-be-finalized menu of "not shawarma" (because we don't have a spit but maybe we can convince Erik) served with wood-fired pita, hummus, assorted pickles, and zhug plus an assortment of Medi-influenced vegetable dishes to pick at and share with your friends or just keep to yourself, no judgment here. 

Keeping it super casual with walk-ins only, seat yourself style service. Featuring special wine deals that we think will pair nicely with the sort of bright, punchy Middle-Eastern flavors mentioned above plus housemade gazoz (like soda but healthy and more 'grammable) and one of Nayda's patented culturally-specific playlists.

Earlier Event: August 11
Later Event: September 24
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